Welcome to TBAS

What is a traditional building?

  • Traditional brick, stone or timber framed farm houses / cottages (unlisted)
  • Pre 1939 terraced / semi-detached / detatched houses
  • Farm and Rural Buildings
  • Listed buildings / buildings in conservation areas

I help you know how to:

  • Repair and maintain historic/old buildings
  • Repair to create sustainable buildings
  • Take a holistic approach to building repair
  • Solve old house repair problems, for example damp
  • Deal with local authority generated traditional building issues - building regs/planning
  • Make older houses greener and more sustainable
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Understand energy ratings jargon
  • Insulate naturally and appropriately
  • Utilise thermal mass to conserve energy
  • Buffer moisture to avoid condensation damage
  • Take advantage of solar gain

"I am grateful for your insight and sensible approach, I wish to express my gratitude. Your really helped us enormously - and it was interesting to hear your educated views on the matter"

Harriet Brooks

Private Client